Rep. Jim Bridenstine Votes Against Omnibus Spending Bill

Jim Bridenstine | Posted on December 15, 2014

On December 12th, late at night, Congress passed the 1.1 Trillion dollar CRomnibus legislation funding the government while fully funding Obamacare and President Obama’s Executive Amnesty.

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Congressman Jim Bridenstine Opposes Arming Syrian Rebels and Governing by Continuing Resolution

Jim Bridenstine | Posted on September 19, 2014

On Wednesday, I opposed a measure in the House of Representatives to pass a continuing resolution to fund the government until December 11, 2014. I also opposed an amendment to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels to fight ISIS.

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Fighting EPA Overreach

Jim Bridenstine | Posted on September 11, 2014

On Wednesday, I cosponsored and supported the Waters of the United States Regulatory Overreach Protection Act, H.R. 5078. Under the Clean Waters Act, the EPA has created a new rule expanding the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency to redefine “navigable waterways” to include self contained bodies of water that do not expand from state to state.

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